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Finding Money for Rehabbing Property

If you are just beginning in the real estate investment business, it may be hard to find money to fund your deals. Especially in the beginning, it's going to be hard for you to establish relationships with the right people with no experience. My suggestion is to polish up on your lingo so it seems like you have a little experience. When you approach all of your favorite doctors, lawyers, real estate investors, family and friends with retirement accounts you sound like you are an expert. Go in head strong like you own the place. Trust me you'll become and expert before you know it.

People love to make money and people really love to make money doing nothing and that's what you are going to allow them to do. You take the back ache off of them. When you meet them for the first time be sure you are very professional and decide what rate of interest you are willing to pay. Usually in cases like this you can expect to pay 10-16% to borrow their money. Don't forget it is risky for them and you want the to be able to win too. Create win wins for both of you. Always keep your word with potential investors in your business. If you say you are meeting them at 2:00 pm for a meeting, be there waiting on them at 1:45. Their time is valuable. Don't hold them hostage for 9 hours. Keep your meeting short and to the point.

Do your homework. Do not go into your meeting sounding like an idiot. It is your time to shine. If you really want it, they will know it. Do not cut yourself short by consistently reassuring them. Stay confident and close. Also - do not give up if the first person you approach doesn't work the way you intended it to. Stay focused and determined to go to the next. Keep your message simple and to the point. Make it look like you have a way for them to make a lot of money without lifting a finger. Most of the time, they will jump at the opportunity if it looks good.

Remember - In the real estate business, the most successful people make quick decisions. They do not sit around and ponder ideas. They take action and go with the flow.

Mandy Sheckles is the founder and President of The Wealth Corp. Her company offers Property Rehabbing Education to students around the country. In just eight years, she went from flat broke to being a real estate millionaire.

She is the author of "Renovate Your Success" and the creator of The Rehab Manager, a web-based software application designed to streamline your rehabbing business.

Free Forex Trading Courses - Are They Worth It?

There are some who will tell any investor that free Forex trading courses are just as good as any paid Forex course. Then there are some who will be adamant in saying the exact opposite. Finding out the truth that lies somewhere in the middle is not an easy task to accomplish. Before any prospective investor makes the final decision on any Forex trading courses, it is advisable to ask a few fundamental questions as the search continues.

Finding a good quality Forex trading course that is free is not impossible. A good source will provide information that is not readily found all over the internet. If the Forex trading courses include the information that comes up time after time in a search, that is the first red flag. The potential Forex trading course is not worth the time it will take to read it and practice some of the techniques. Leave it behind and keep researching until a suitable Forex trading course is located as this is the best defense against suffering a financial loss. There is not a bigger risk than that of starting out with an incorrect set of skills and knowledge as that pretty much cements in financial failure.

Forex trading courses that are given away free are done so for a reason. It is wise to find out that reason before committing any significant time or energy on them. The idea behind the free give away is to get a potential investor to sign up to that specific company. Finding out if that specific company will benefit your interests is the best move to make in this situation. A company that deals largely in futures trading will offer a Forex trading course as a trap to get investors to sign up. If Forex is what the mission is, settle for nothing less than strictly Forex brokerages or companies.

Don't take unnecessary risks when it comes to finding suitable Forex trading courses, as these are the mistakes that generate bad financial decisions later on. Ask questions about the free offer and why it is free. Do the research into any said company and find out if they are a exclusively Forex company or if their interests lie in another financial market. Most of all, if the free Forex trading courses are claiming that it can make you a millionaire overnight. Flag it! Move on because that scam won't get anyone further except the one who is collecting the money. Forex cannot give anyone independent wealth in a short time period especially to any investor who is new to the scene. Be diligent in seeking the answers to all questions and in dissecting the answers. It could be the very key to Forex financial success!

Troy Degarnham is the author and webmaster of an informative website about Currency Trading.

Extensive help and tips on systems, software, signals, trading, forex brokers, forex trading courses, and other secrets to help you gain financial freedom.

Day Trading Forex Currency, Hype, Lies and TANSTAAFL

Day trading Forex currency is all about making big money. Some investors have found it quite easy to make a large amount of money by day trading the Forex currency markets as they change hour by hour. But, you see that "some" in the previous sentence? What that means is that a lot of people don't make a dime and even lose a lot of money.

Usually a Forex trading system course is hyped as an easy way to make a bundle. Get your Forex trading secret and your Forex trading tool and you're golden - day trading Forex currency for vast riches. Lies. What you tend to find is that there isn't any Forex trading secret, it's the same old tired stuff repeated over and over on sales page after sales page, generally by so-called "experts" who aren't. And that so-called Forex trading tool or software? Another lame canned system that promises but won't deliver.

And now, what's TANSTAAFL? Online and offline this is the antidote to the big con. There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Fast, easy, no work, instant riches. Doesn't exist. Absolutely anything that is worth your attention is going to cost you effort, time and probably money. Anything else is a pack of lies, hype or deceptive sales yap.

You will probably not make much money day trading Forex currency. In fact, you will probably lose money. Unless you are really smart about how you do it and who you listen to. Sorry, but that's the real truth. There is no secret, no magic tool, no perfect Forex day trading strategy.

What you're going to find are a bunch of Forex trading systems, courses, techniques and tools that purport to tell you just what to do and when and how to do it. If you buy into one of these things - a ready-made off-the-shelf turnkey Forex trading system course, you're going the wrong way. This is just the same old tired search for a magic, easy, thought-free and work-free solution that lies behind every successful scam. If it were that easy, we'd all be rich already, wouldn't we? If there really were a genuine Forex trading secret, tool or strategy that would make you rich, do you actually think anyone would be stupid enough to sell it? Think about it when you see one of those hyped sales pitches claiming it's easy and quick and the money will be rolling in.

In the Forex currency market, despite all the nonsense about leverage, timing and signals - if you test it out, you'll find most signals are little better than random noise and that trying to time the market will usually end up with you experiencing consistently bad timing. Canned, simplistic approaches to a complex market just don't work.

How about technical analysis like you'll find in many a Forex trading tool? It's been said (though not by the "wizards" selling technical analysis systems with some spiffy name) that of all the major markets, Forex is the least amenable to technical analysis.

Even the basic wisdom of "buy low, sell high" needs to be seen within a special context when you start working at day trading Forex currency.

If this seems overly discouraging overall, you need to remember the sheer amount of hype and outright lies that are prevalent in this area. You need to be prepared to be coldly realistic. You absolutely have to think of Forex as a serious, complex real business. One that requires close attention and serious study. You need to be careful getting into it, careful whose advice you take, and careful about learning as much as you can from a real expert.

Certainly it's possible to make money. But, your chances of making money by day trading Forex currency will be vastly increased if you are wide awake when you get into it. Stop dreaming about fast easy money with no work or effort. Get to learning the realities so you can develop your own Forex trading strategies, ones that work for you. It will take time and effort, but then, maybe Forex trading will truly be your road to financial freedom.

Copyright (c) 2006 Richard Keir

Richard is a researcher, writer, programmer and marketer and he's tired of all the hype. Discover the realities of day trading Forex currency now.

How to Pick Winning Stocks

There is nothing more exciting than finding an undervalued stock and seeing it explode out of nowhere rising in value 100% or more in a few weeks. Some stocks can move as much as 1000% in a year and. Even after the stock market crashed in 2000, some stocks still have gone up 500% or more in a year.

So how do we find these? Well first let me say that there is no way to know which ones are going to double or triple in value. If we knew then we could literally bet the farm on the trade.

The main thing we can do as swing traders and position traders is to uncover stocks that have the potential for profits based on certain technical parameters found on the charts. There is not enough room in this article to go into depth on the technical analysis of stocks, but what I am going to do is share with you the first step in sifting though the thousands of stocks that trade each day.

One of the easiest ways to cut your list of stocks down is to use a stock scanning software such as What it allows you to do is program in any criteria you want and then it will automatically spit out a list of stocks that meet those exact criteria.

Let me give you some specific examples. For starters say you only have a small account of $10,000, you shouldnt be looking at expensive stocks that are in the $50-$200 range. This is because when they are too expensive, you cant buy many shares. So, the first thing I would do is tell the software to only give me a list of stocks under $20. I would also have it screen out stocks less than $2 as I dont want to trade penny stocks.

Second, I only want a list of stocks that trade at least 500,000 shares a day. The more volume the better as there is more liquidity. This means that it will be easier to buy or sell shares at any time. Stocks with high volume have much less chance of being manipulated by market makers and market insiders.

Third, I want stocks that have a lot of volatility. Volatility is what causes fast movement over a short period of time. Old blue chip stocks such as Caterpillar, Ford or Kelloggs dont move that fast and have little volatility. To make sure you have volatility, I would tell the software to find only Nasdaq stocks. Since this comprises of mostly tech stocks, the odds are much higher of strong and fast moves.

Fourth, if the market is in an uptrend then I want to be a buyer so I could program in the following Look for stocks with a relative strength of 90 or above. This will ensure that the stock has a lot of upward market momentum. You could even add an additional filter to cut the list down more. For example: Tell the software to look for stocks that made new highs within the past 90 days.

You could use the exact opposite approach to short stocks in a bearish market. Look for stocks with a relative strength of less than 10 and made new lows within the past 90 days.

What is really cool about stock scanning software is you can do the job in less than a minute. Without this software the work is slow and tedious. Once you run the scan you should have a relatively small list of stocks to examine closer.

The final step is to examine each stock for certain technical analysis patterns that can lead to explosive moves. However, as I said above there is just not enough room to go into detail here.

Hope this gives you some food for thought and points you one step closer to your goals.

Dr. Jeffrey Wilde, a trading veteran with 16 years of experience is a trading coach to over 3500 traders in 63 countries. His new blog offers free trading articles, tips and advice. He also teaches a variety of courses found at and

Thinking About Becoming a Truck Driver?

Sometimes portrayed as an easy and unappealing profession fit for simpletons, being a truck driver is quite the contrary. The truck driving industry has experienced a steady increase in job growth and career opportunities in the past few years, quickly making the profession one of the nation's top jobs in terms of career growth. Truck driving provides flexibility, allowing drivers to make their own schedule, travel around the country, and bring home a substantial paycheck. The following tips are offered for individuals looking into truck driving jobs.

Talk with Seasoned Drivers
The best way to get reliable and accurate information is to speak with people who are actually in the profession. Ask an experienced driver about the pros and cons of the job, how it affects their family, and if they would do anything different. The internet is another, convenient way to get in touch with truckers; blogs and chat rooms are an excellent source of information. Chances are truckers will be much more candid and honest when they are in a setting where they can remain anonymous.

Ride with a Trucker
Consider riding along on a trip with a professional truck driver to see what life on the road is really like. Even more revealing than speaking with a driver, is actually riding with one to experience what the life of a truck driver encompasses first-hand. This will expose you to the diverse environments and situations of the professions including shipping docks, delivery sites, and what other drivers are like.

Ask Recruiters
Assemble a list of questions before you speak with any recruiters. Doing so will guarantee that all your inquiries and concerns about a job are properly addressed. Ask about salary, benefits, and procedures of the company the recruiter is representing. Make sure you visit with multiple companies and recruiters to find the truck driving job that suits you best.