Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thinking About Becoming a Truck Driver?

Sometimes portrayed as an easy and unappealing profession fit for simpletons, being a truck driver is quite the contrary. The truck driving industry has experienced a steady increase in job growth and career opportunities in the past few years, quickly making the profession one of the nation's top jobs in terms of career growth. Truck driving provides flexibility, allowing drivers to make their own schedule, travel around the country, and bring home a substantial paycheck. The following tips are offered for individuals looking into truck driving jobs.

Talk with Seasoned Drivers
The best way to get reliable and accurate information is to speak with people who are actually in the profession. Ask an experienced driver about the pros and cons of the job, how it affects their family, and if they would do anything different. The internet is another, convenient way to get in touch with truckers; blogs and chat rooms are an excellent source of information. Chances are truckers will be much more candid and honest when they are in a setting where they can remain anonymous.

Ride with a Trucker
Consider riding along on a trip with a professional truck driver to see what life on the road is really like. Even more revealing than speaking with a driver, is actually riding with one to experience what the life of a truck driver encompasses first-hand. This will expose you to the diverse environments and situations of the professions including shipping docks, delivery sites, and what other drivers are like.

Ask Recruiters
Assemble a list of questions before you speak with any recruiters. Doing so will guarantee that all your inquiries and concerns about a job are properly addressed. Ask about salary, benefits, and procedures of the company the recruiter is representing. Make sure you visit with multiple companies and recruiters to find the truck driving job that suits you best.