Saturday, September 15, 2007

Investing Wisely With Online Brokerage

In this ever-fluctuating financial era, to make a wise investment, you need to think not once, not even twice, but many times to fetch maximum benefit out of it. Initially, traditional stock brokers were used to be the helping hand and brain who supplied the latest information regarding ups and downs of the stock market as well as helped in sale and purchase of stocks. But, advent of Internet and increasing number of users has given rise to the concept of online brokerage.

Similar to traditional brokerage, online brokerage came into existence to help the investors deal with their finances. Online brokerage industry provides services by making a fair assessment of the investors current financial situation, assisting them in executing financial plans, providing them the stocks of their interests, but more effectively and quickly as compared to that to traditional brokerage.

Well, online brokerage industry is gaining fast grounds every second. Out of todays busy schedule and ease of Internet, Americans prefer online brokerage credited to its quick and effective services. Estimates reveal that number of investors, trading online in U.S. has increased remarkably from 4.1 million to 21 million in a span of just 5 years.

We cant deny the fact that online brokerage industry has been notorious of its loopholes and pitfalls, yet it seems to be gaining popularity among the investors. This scenario prompted the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to analyze and scrutinize the investment products that are offered to the investors by online brokerage industry. In order to keep a thorough check, SEC has directed online brokerage industry to furnish certain obligatory information pertaining to the;

  • Contents of the brokers or companys web site
  • Quoted prices of the products
  • Information furnished to the clients
  • Security of clients account

Despite these measures and controls, SEC has still not been able to impose directives that could allow a client to produce his detailed and accurate statement of his assets and access his account online any time. However, this issue has neither hampered the image of online brokerage industry nor affected the inclination of investors towards online trading.

Nowadays, when more and more investments and stock transactions are being made online, the need of an efficient online broker has become inevitable. Over the years, number of companies offering online brokerage have stepped in. They are targeting the prospective customer by offering services, which deal with their specific investment needs and priorities.

Just few words of caution for the beginners before they open an account and make investment through online brokerage

  • Perform an in-depth research on the companys history and financial status.
  • Assess the speed of the companys website and check whether the site is free from technical problems.
  • Check the quality of services offered.
  • Check the authenticity by calling at the companys help desk.
  • Place your queries regarding the commission rates, services rendered and judge the swiftness with which they provide the solution.

Well, despite having downsides, online brokerage is still charming investors to online trading and investment for a variety of benefits, including the low broker fees and investors full control over the stocks. In simple yet golden words, online brokerage provides investors an entire new level of independence, yet gaining maximum benefits from hard earned money.

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