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Top Investments and Stock Picks for 2006

If you read the headlines today you will hear everything from recession, decline, slow start, etc... Everyone is commenting on losses or very marginal gains. Yet there are some investors like me that did really well in the last few years and are continuing to do well - and none of us fell for the late night TV investing scams (and they are ALL scams). Instead we were smart. This is how we did it and what we like (and you can verify the results or progress of these stocks by looking up their ticker symbols on the search engines Google and Yahoo):

1) Diversification is key - you need to have some percentage of your assets in mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF's). I recommend IJR (iShares S&P SmallCap 600 IJR Style/Mkt Cap ETF) as it follows the market, doesnt have wild fluctuations and always, consistently grows and pays dividends at the same time. IJR will be a great bet for a 20-30% gain in 2006.

2) Oil, natural gas and energy are king and anyone that says otherwise is an idiot. They will continue to grow and produce record profits throughout 2006. I highly recommend XTO - Cross Timbers Oil Co. Through the last 3 years their stock has grown over 800% and split numerous times. They are a definite ace in the hole and a runaway favorite. Great, solid management and a definite winner. I also like PNY, Piedmont Natural Gas. They are very consistent and produce very solid yields that they are always increasing. It won't produce the high returns of XTO, but a solid performer. XTO can be a highly volatile stock and is a rollercoaster of a ride at times but will produce solid results over time. PNY is a safe, solid investment and natural gas prices are only going to go up.

3) Hotels and travel - One name says it all CHH - Choice Hotels, they own most of your local Comfort inns and such. They average 50-60% gains per year and pay a slight dividend on top of that. A solid performer that tends to buck the economy.

4) Banks and financial institutions - BPOP, Popular Inc. The main latino bank of Puerto Rico and expanding into the U.S. You can buy it cheap right now and they are prime for a takeover - $$$. Solid dividends also and low price for a bank. Good investment value.

5) Mortgage companies - we will always need houses and a solid, customer service oriented company with a great record is a good buy. AHM (American Home Mortgage)- high yield, solid company, will produce great returns for 2006. Enough said.

6) Ebay, Yahoo, Google, Intel - You need to have a piece of the internet pie, but with whom? Ebay is your best bet. There is no competition - Yahoo tried and can't get their auctions off the ground. The others have simple technology that is easily copied and the risk is great and the returns limited. Google is questionable as it has risen well, but others with big pockets are stepping in hard - Yahoo and MSN.

Search engines like Google rise fast out of nowhere, but then they usually fall back into oblivion. Google is smart, though and is trying to diversify into other fields - maps, online libraries, gmail, etc... so they will stay, but I would go for Ebay. Ebay is trying to do what Walmart did - Expand into China, Japan, Korea, etc... With billions of new customers and no competition the skys the limit. Ebay will be rock solid for 2006.

There you have it. A safe, diversified group of true, proven performers that will guarantee you a great 2006. Also, they are all available through low cost trading companies - I recommend - you can't beat $4 trades and their easy to use site. There is no need for a commissioned investment advisor (all they do is charge you extra money and fees, lie, and they can't possibly even come close to the workhorses I listed above). Do yourself a favor and print this out. If you care about your friends give it to them. Put it in your email lists. If you believe in helping others and making the world a better place then pass it on to everyone you can. These stocks will provide you and everyone else with solid gains for years. And a greater chance at financial freedom and the best thing is it didn't cost you a penny.

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David Maillie is a chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research and clynical analysis. He is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He holds numerous patents including his recently awarded patent for headlight cleaner and restorer. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale: and at


Review of Two Forex Analysis Software Packages

The most profitable stock traders often act on inside information, or information about the market that the average investor doesnt know or even have access to. This isnt true of the forex trading market. All the information needed to analyze the market and make well-researched trades is available to anyone. The problem is having the time to gather enough information, analyze that information and turn it into profitable trades.

Thats where forex trading software comes in. It is designed to follow trends in the market and recognize when a favorable position is likely to occur.

That doesnt sound so hard. And, in fact, it isnt. You can learn which trends to watch for and gather all the information yourself. The trouble with doing it manually is that the amount of data needed to track trends of every currency pair is voluminous! You can cut it down some, spend full time at it and still miss some important profitable trends. Having software do it for you is a huge assist.

Another good reason to use these forex trading analysis tools is to learn how the forex market works. Charts and analyses will lay out the trends the software is tracking. When it makes a recommendation, youll see what happened in the market to make the software foresee a significant jump coming. In this way, youll gradually increase your knowledge and learn how to make a greater percentage of wise trades.

Here are two good forex trading software packages at different price ranges. Choosing either one will be of great benefit. Of course, the more expensive one is superior by far, but your budget may dictate where you start.


Trading Solutions is one of the most comprehensive forex trading tools on the market. It is very customizable and the incredible in-depth analysis given is second to none. Here are some of its features:

- Flexible charting tools - Easy-to-use interface - Customizable spreadsheets - Step-by-step wizards - Advanced technical analysis - Comprehensive signal analysis

Its pricey at $995, but its worth it, if you can afford it. Plus, you get a free trial. Give it a try and see if your trading success improves during the trial period. Perhaps youll find a way to dig up that purchase price!


At $79, Lazy Trading is a much less robust tool for forex trading. But it could be the right tool if youre a beginner and just cant afford a more complete software analysis package.

Its a simplified version in most ways. It still does all the hard work by retrieving the forex data and analyzing and finding the trends. However, it wont present the detailed charts and in-depth analysis that Trading Solutions does. Instead it just displays a simple text recommendation saying if you should trade and if so, what you should trade. If you still find all the graphs and stats confusing, this will work for you as you learn. If youre experienced at forex trading, this one will surely be lacking the detail youll want.

No matter which forex trading software package you choose, you should see a substantial increase in favorable trades in your account by using it.

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Forex Trading

Discipline Equals Profits For Market Timers

The winning market timer is the disciplined market timer. That very simply means he or she chooses a specific, dependable, market timing strategy and follows it.

How Easily Discipline Can Fail

An example of how easily discipline can fail is last month's sell off. A one day Dow decline of over 300 points and lower lows over the next two weeks. The urge to jump into bearish positions was almost overwhelming. Obviously, tens of thousands of traders did just that. Only weeks later the Dow is at new all time highs, the S&P 500 at new rally highs and the Nasdaq is close to breaking out to new highs.

Current volatility is extreme, but experienced market timers know that such times usually occur right before a new (and profitable) trend starts.

The point is... following your emotions will cost you money. Following a timing strategy will make you money, and importantly, will not allow you to take large losses in capital.

What Better Reason?

People differ greatly in terms of their ability to maintain self control and discipline. Those differences are why we write this weekly report; to drive home the fact that without following a timing strategy, most market timers will be doomed to failure.

Some market timers have no trouble whatsoever sticking to a plan. But others, when it is decision time, will usually find a reason "not" to take the trade. After some time passes, and they realize they have missed a profitable trade, they take the trade but enter at a price that is much higher or lower than was available had they followed the plan.

They may or may not make a profit, but the odds have certainly turned against them.

And what happens if the trading plan then calls for a reversal? A reversal that would have been profitable had they taken the initial trade?

You know the answer. What better reason could there be to... again... not take the trade. This is when hope enters the picture, and hope is usually the second to last emotion felt before fear, which is followed quickly by losses.

Develop Trust

Let's consider a few ways that self-control and discipline can be maintained when making trading decisions.

First, you must develop trust in your timing strategy. You should should know exactly what you are going to do when a signal tells you to enter a trade, and what you are going to do when a signal tells you to exit.

One way to develop trust is to study the "Trade History" pages for each strategy. A link to the trade history for each strategy is on every FibTimer report. You will see that there are losing trades, but these are kept very small. You will also see the large winning trades which make the strategies successful over time. By looking at the trading histories, you will develop trust for the strategy you plan on following.

Be prepared, and be willing, to make the trades when the signals are issued!

At Fibtimer, we provide the buy and sell signals. We will make sure you know what to do well before the trade needs to be executed. We will also explain why the trade needs to made, and often the previous several weekly reports will have discussed the probability of an imminent change.

Some traders make the mistake of assuming they can just "wing it" when the buy or sell signal comes. But this approach presents an excellent opportunity for the collapse of discipline. It often leads to "waiting" to see if the trade is successful before taking it. The problems with this logic are obvious, but they are not as obvious when it is time to make the trade and you are looking for a reason to delay making the decision.

Develop Confidence

Perhaps one of the best ways to maintain self-control, is to feel "confident" as you execute the buy and sell signals that we issue. You "know" that over time they will be successful. You "know" that during sideways markets the signals will exercise good money management techniques and keep any losing trades very small.

It's healthy to be skeptical, but if it interferes with your ability to follow the trading plan, skepticism will cost you money. You must execute the buys and sells with unwavering confidence. You can't second-guess. You must follow the trading plan with absolute assurance that over time you will succeed.

How do we post the excellent trading results that have been attained in our various timing strategies? Because the reports follow a disciplined plan. They follow the buy and sell signals without question. No if's, and's or but's. Accordingly, over time, they show the profitable results of sticking to the plan.

Over time, disciplined trading becomes easier. But be careful not to minimize the importance of self-control and discipline. The more disciplined you can be, the more profits you will realize.