Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Forex Trading - The 3 Keys to a Winning Trader's Mindset

Forex trading is simple to learn, and anyone can acquire the skills - so, why is it that 95% of traders lose money? Many traders lose money because they have poor methods, though some have sound methods but still lose - because they lack the right mindset to succeed.

Here well look at the three keys for getting the mindset of the millionaire traders.

1. Desire and Passion

If you want success in anything - including forex trading, then you must desire success. If you have the desire, then youll do whats required to succeed. If you look at any of the legendary traders, they all had desire - and they loved what they did with a passion.

You must also have desire and passion for what you do. However, thats not enough - you must also avoid worrying about risk and setbacks. Currency trading success doesnt come easily so, if you cant build up the strong desire and passion required for successful trading, then you should find something else to do - as youll lose your money trading in the currency markets.

If however, you accept that its not any easy road - and youre prepared to put in the effort, then forex trading can earn you an income that most people can only dream of.

2. Confidence

You hear traders talk a lot about discipline when forex trading - but you dont hear them talk much about confidence. However, confidence is a vital component of your forex trading strategy - confidence in yourself not in some mentor, or guru youre following.

If you want to succeed in currency trading, then you have to have rock solid confidence that your currency trading system this will lead you to currency trading success. You must retain your confidence, even when youre losing money - and therell be periods when you lose money, for weeks, or months on end.

If you dont have unshakeable confidence that youll ultimately succeed, then currency trading will break you and youll throw in the towel before you become a winner.

To have confidence, you need to understand exactly how, and why your forex trading strategy works. This will give you a trading edge - and ultimately, success. If you dont know what your trading edge is, then youll be joining the majority of traders - the ones who lose money!

3. Discipline

Youve probably heard that discipline is vital to trading success - and if you think that following a system with discipline is easy then, think again.

Lets look at an example of just how hard currency trading with discipline really is: In the eighties, legendary trader Richard Dennis taught a group of traders with no previous experience, how to trade - and he gave them a method they could all use. In 14 days, these traders were given trading accounts - and collectively, they quickly made over $100 million.

They were all successful traders - yet there was a huge variation between the results of the individual traders. In Curtis M. Faiths great book The Way of the Turtle, he discusses this in depth and the lesson is: Learning a successful trading system is not enough! You need the correct mindset to execute the system correctly and nothing can prepare you for this. You simply have to experience it yourself - and its tough trying to stick with a currency trading system, when the pressure is on - and youre losing money. Money is on the line and emotions are involved.

Many forex traders try to prepare for trading, with demo accounts - and making big percentage wins. However, theres no pressure - its practice, and its easy try doing it for real, with real money thats when if becomes difficult!

Now you have them - the three keys to adopting the right mindset, in order to achieve currency-trading success. Its not easy to achieve the winning traders mindset - but when the rewards are as great as they are in FX trading, you wouldnt expect them to be.

If you can adopt the right mindset, the world of currency trading will give you immense rewards for your effort. Good Luck!

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Real Estate Foreclosure: Taming The Beast

For those who are intimidated by the prospect of investing or purchasing foreclosures for profit or simply to have a roof over your head, well don't be. Here's why.

You can easily break down the process of foreclosures into three primary stages. Ready? The first stage is pre-foreclosure the second stage is foreclosure auction and the third and final stage is bank owned foreclosures or real estate owned properties as they're interchangeably called.

In general as you move along the timeline of the foreclosure process your potential for profit will decrease the later you get to the foreclosure a property. In other words there is probably much greater profit potential if you are able to identify a property right before it enters into the initial stages of foreclosure in a market that you are familiar with as opposed to calling up the bank for real estate owned properties.

Now let me clarify one thing, this doesn't mean that one model is better than another. It's actually a bit more complicated than that. It depends on what you're looking for when all is said and done. If you're planning on making a full-time living eventually from real estate investment then you'll definitely want to learn in baby steps how to get the most out of your time and efforts.

With that said for those who are ambitious enough to do this full time you will want to learn how to find pre-foreclosures because they generally offer you the maximum leverage and profitability relative to the most deep discounted properties available via bank owned properties

However if you are simply looking for a deep discount at home without wanting to start an entire business involving marketing, distribution, and promoting yourself while driving around neighborhoods every day looking up MLS listings conducting market research and paying all all the costs overlays involved in running a business, then it is definitely advisable if you are looking to simply purchase a more inexpensive home to come to call up the bank for a foreclosure property.

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