Friday, October 5, 2007

Making And Keeping Promises - The Only True Path To Successful Living

Have you ever made a promise, and broke it? On the other hand, have you ever made a promise, and KEPT IT? In both instances, how you did you feel?

Let me tell you, when you make and keep promises, you feel simply great about yourself, dont you? And, when you break promises what happens?

The fact of the matter is that because we constantly make and then, dont fulfill on those promises there doesnt seem to be any outwardly distress.

I mean, if we say were going to create those marketing documents, or follow up on those prospective clients, or deliver that promotional speech to the group, or create that newsletter weve talked about for a while now and we dont do it, nothing much happens.

Theres not going to be headline news splashed across the papers. Theres not going to be any fines slapped or hefty penalties imposed. Theres not going to be any abandonment of any sort. Again, nothing really much happens Or does it?

If we were to take a trip inside ourselves, well probably see a lot of bodily structures, organs, fluids, water, and the like. What we wont see, is our self image. Our identity. Our beliefs about ourselves.

Imagine then, that our confidence, our self image, our beliefs everything we hold true about ourselves, is mirrored by a magnificent sculpture. And, the quality, condition, lustre, sheen and magnificence of the structure, is based on our promises made to ourselves.

When we make and keep promises, our structure becomes even more magnificent, even more attractive, and even more beautiful. And, when we break even the most seemingly little of promises like doing 20 sit ups in the morning, reading that book, waking up half an hour early our structure slowly gets chipped away, our seemingly bright outlook, our confidence in ourselves, the beliefs that guided us slowly but surely, ebbs away.

What do you think would be the effect of one, ten, FIFTY weeks of this? Do you think the magnificent structure would be a little, shall we say, less magnificent? And what about years and years of this slow chipping and eroding, what then?

Well, when life starts on this pattern, and if left un-interrupted, youre looking at a life of chaos. However, the true path to successful living comes when making and keeping promises, happens as a matter of regularity. If lifes not that smooth for you yet, make and keep more promises!

Raja C. Hireker is a publisher and editor of the Marketing and Life Strategies Newsletter 'Swinging for The Fences' He has ghostwritten over 130 articles and is a Professional Self Development Coach and a sought after advertising and email copywriter. You can go to for more information. You can also reach him by fax/voicemail on 44 208 764 1085, or by email on He lives in London, UK.