Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Isn't It Time You Step In Front Of The Big Money-Instead Of Getting Stepped On By It?

The Trade Mechanic is committed to making you a consistent winner in the Stock Market. If you are tired of making some gain, then giving it back, tired of worrying about every news story, Futures, etc, then you have come to the right place. The Difference: Please note, other services give you a list of 15 stocks that they like every morning, then leave it to you to do the rest. Members of the Trade Mechanic, trade only the stocks that I am trading.
I will give entry and exit points, trading tips, trading rules to live by, informational blogs, and the hand holding you deserve, to help make you a winner.

The System:

The Trade Mechanic system was designed to give timed entries that are almost to the exact day a stock will move up $1 or more. This is very important because it limits our exposure time to the market, thus reducing our risk to potential hazards.

Having traded Wall Street well over a decade, probably like you, along the way I read and tried every book by all the experts. Cup n Handle, Triple Top Break Out, Candlesticks, Dogs of the Dow, so on and so on, have tried them all.

The flaw with all of these methods is they are backwards looking, work only some of the time, and expose you to high risk entries, keeping your money in the market too long, for little gain. These methods take too long to produce winners even when they are correct. Bottom line, you end up booking too many loses and burning through dollars, scratch trading.

Trademechanic.com, unlike other trading systems, does not base trades on percent moves, backwards looking chart patterns, or any other method you have read about. Our swing trade formula factors in, value, timing, external and internal bias, and a host of other mechanical factors, into a tradable system.

We base our trade results on actual dollars, assuming a 100 share purchase. We make trades that lock in $1 gain or more, over and over. You will find the key to beating the stock market, is to lock in gains, again and again, and limit loses.

We will be long no more than 1-4 stocks on any given day, and we will hold these stocks no longer than 3 days. I keep the trade amounts at 100 shares, so its easy to understand for the average trader. However, this system also sets up fantastic for 1000 or more share day traders, who can take advantage of the early pops, locking in profits.

The Stocks we Play:

The stocks we trade are best of breed, strong industry uptrend affiliation, strong institutional ownership, and have a daily range of 1 or more. Preferably we like growth over 15% and price to sales ratio above 1.50.

The simple goal is to get one of these stocks to move up just $1 a week, allowing us to lock in $100 profit on 100 shares traded. Sounds small but in 52 weeks, assuming you are starting with a $10,000.00 dollar portfolio, you have made over 50% return. Now, as you can see by the daily trades we post, we get a lot more than $1 moves most weeks. But I like to keep the goal simple, so its easy to realize the enormous amounts of money that can be made by just getting one stock, to move $1, every week.

Swing Trade Education: Along the way, you will also have regular access to my trading blogs, with trading philosophy and tips that will educate you on not only our system, but will help you start thinking like a trader, not an investor.

Try Us for Free!

It is my job, Jon Anthony, to make sure you win, win again and then win again, over and over.

The Trade Mechanic system delivers the set ups, then over a decade of trading stock experience does the rest. I would love to help you make more money then you ever thought possible. I am asking you to sign up for free, create a mock portfolio and paper trade with us for a while.

Join our community of traders, you have nothing to lose and financial freedom to gain.

Jon Anthony is has been a successful stock trader for over 10 yrs. If you are tired of the stock market taking your money, Jon is here to help. Get Jon's free stock picks for a limited time at TradeMechanic.com