Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Alternative Medicine under Attack from Pharmaceutical Companies

It would seem that we in the developed world have traded our health and personal freedom of choice, on what we might feel would be the best course of action to take in regards to treating our own illnesss.

With more and more regulations put in place every day, the war between alternative medicine and pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. is heating up. Were government agencies dictate to us, what it is right or not in regards to whether we chose alternative medicine or conventional.

It would seem that we are becoming victims of economics. As it is apparent that in order To have a healthy economy you need to have a capitalistic environment to keep people working harder and always striving to produce better products for trade. It is this competitive environment that keeps the cogs of the economy turning and people working.

It is unfortunate that this same highly competitive thinking, has gotten out of control and we are all paying a heavy price in the U.S. as well as in other countries of the world. The pharmaceutical companies that generate billions of dollars into the economies of many countries, and generate thousands of spin off jobs, have effectively taken control of government agencies through the use of lobbyist, political contributions and economic pressures on governments. These efforts are made, so they can have amendments made to our laws to give them more power and control over the various agencies and regulators.

So now you have government agencies working on behave of big money and not on your behalf, and not looking out for your best health, as these institutions were originally put in place for.

This sets the stage for a very dangerous situation were it is better for big pharmaceutical companies to have the population chronically ill all the time, with many different illness and never finding cures. By having lapdogs agencies pushing for laws to take away your choices of whether or not you want to take alternative medicine, or continue taking the poison put out by the big pharmaceutical companies at absorbent prices.

Were they feed you propaganda about the dangers of natural medicine? Hire medical experts that are willing to lie to the population to give these agencies credibility. Brain wash our medical practitioners and give them incentive to keep pushing there drugs.

And the worst of it is if people were to wake up tomorrow and take back there government, and stop the madness it would cause an economic disaster. It looks like the people of the world are going to continue to needless die and suffer, for the sake of a healthy economy and the lust of money.

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