Thursday, October 4, 2007

Stock Trading

Fueled by a roaring bull market, many people have left their nine to five worlds behind to take a plunge into Day trading and looking for various options available with online day trading services. Day Trading is undoubtedly a Gamble and it would be incorrect to term it as safe and risk free, specially for novices. For sophisticated investor, it could be safe and less risky as they have high risk appetite and have better flavor of stock markets.

Day trading online is typically buying and selling of stocks on the same day making profit from increments in the stock price in the entire day. So it essentially requires traders to track the minute on minute movements in stock price, which keeps one glued to the screen for the entire day. But traders find it quite exciting.

Sit at a computer all day in comforts of your own house, wear whatever you want, and have the potential to make unlimited amount of money each day.

If you got a good luck and best available online day trading services, you can end up making good money by day trading stocks by noon and spend the rest of your day goofing off! Buy a stock in morning, watch it travel up, sell it off and book your profits. If you do nine-five job, you end up earning fixed salary which is a limited amount. As a day trader, each day can fetch you fortunes! You earned 500 $ yesterday, you can make $10,000 today. Best day stock trading, isnt it! Every day is a new beginning with endless possibilities. There is absolutely nothing which can hold you back.

Nevertheless, you should have realistic expectations from day trading. A day trader should be absolutely clear about the amount of work, discipline, his risk appetite and sheer luck that is required to be successful.

Online day trading services is quite different from regular online stock trading. In Day trading, the investor usually disregards the fundamentals of the underlying stock company (as it requires more time). Its more of a gut feel what drives his decisions. Not only that, a day trader has to pre-define his buying and selling limits. The challenge here lies in strictly adhering by these limits if markets are not behaving in the manner you have predicted. It takes tremendous discipline to book losses by selling a stock when it is continuously falling.

As a day trader, you are the decision maker and you dont have the luxury of having an advisor who can suggest you with some good tips. Remember; only investing money that you can afford to lose. Set a limit for yourself of how much you willing to lose and then invest in day trading. Else you could end up loosing considerable amount of money by adding up incremental looses over time. It is undoubtedly a very addictive exercise. So beware, if you get addicted to this, it might be a long expensive ride for you.

What is required for online day trading is

1. Initial capital Money attracts money. So more money you invest, more stocks you can buy, so even if the percentage returns are less, you will make considerable profits on your good amount of invested capital. This requirement stands true for online stock trading as well and is not unique to day trading.

2. Nil expectations for steady income You can make $1000 one week and next week you might loose the same amount. So effectively, you didnt earn any money for two weeks. If you can live like that, then its fine. So each day not only offers a fresh start, it does offer the possibility for fresh losses as well.

Day trading is very glitzy and glamorous on the surface, and it can certainly be very financially rewarding. But please dont forget, it is very challenging too that can cost you a lot of your own personal money. Weigh the risks and rewards against your current financial situation and future financial goals, and decide if day trading is for you!

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