Saturday, October 6, 2007

How Average Students Can Win At The IIM Personal Interview

However what should your strategy be if you have no awards and achievements (other than being school prefect - somehow all MBA candidates are school prefects) to speak of and you found yourself selected by one of the IIM's or other top tier B-schools.

For you to succeed here are a few pointers that can aid in the process:

1) Be clear about your goals: In your case you will have to be definitive about what you want to achieve in the next 3-5 years and exactly how an MBA will fit in the picture. Suppose you are an Arts graduate, suppose Psychology Honors. Now you should focus on the industry to begin with- suppose Finance and Investment Analysis. You can state that a major part of the investment analysis is examining trading psychology. Why some stocks tick despite poor fundamentals and some fail to move despite good fundamentals. You can state that you have enough of numerical understanding and backed by an MBA in finance you could carve out a strong niche in the area of Investment Analysis and Dealing of securities.

2) Show your ability to think business: If you have never won a award, examine activities that seem to add value to some process. For example you could start a blog on a topic such as Tax planning for home based professionals. Talk about what kind of advice and articles you wrote for the blog and how popular your blog was by examining the page views received from the blog. You can start a blog on wordpress or blogger as they allow free blogs and also have a statistics section to measure how many page views you received.

3) Be well prepared to talk about your academics: Be clear of the basic fundamentals, as they will surely want to know how serious you were about your studies. Go over the major fundamentals and be sure to be able to answer them

It is not an easy task to prepare for IIM Personal Interview questions . So don't punish yourself mentally if the initial answers you write don't seem impressive enough.

Keep practicing to make your answers better and you may end up doing quite well at the IIM Personal Interview. Get more tips on how to perform for the IIM Personal Interview questions