Monday, September 24, 2007

Make Money Fast - A Specific Method Anyone Can Use

If youre looking for advice like you need to be motivated or adopt the right mindset to make money this article is not for you If on the other hand you want a specific method you can use right now to make money fast in clear easy steps and only need small seed capital then read on.

Were going to look at the facts that this method of making money fast works and were going to look at the turtle experiment which will show you the potential and then how you can do it.

The turtles experiment

Was conducted by legendary trader Richard Dennis in just 14 days he taught 23 people from all walks of life to trade financial markets (before you say thats to hard or to expensive read on)

The experiment arose because Dennis believed trading could be learned but his partner disagreed - the experiment was conducted to prove who was right and Dennis won after 14 days these traders went on to make Dennis $100 million dollars!

Could you do the same?

Well you may not earn as much as the turtles, but the opportunity is there for all to make money fast. Before we move on to what you have to do, lets dispel two myths about trading financial markets first:

1.You need a lot of money

No you dont you can today open an online account with a credit card for just a few hundred dollars

2.Financial trading requires intelligence and hard work

Nothing could be further from the truth trading requires learning the right knowledge consider that Dennis taught this in 14 days to people who had never traded and many game from blue collar jobs, so if they can learn it so can you.

So how do you get the right education?

You use the net and all the information is free (see our other articles for how to do it) and keep it simple. Once you have a simple method you need to practice it and have confidence and then trade it ( you can do a dry run in a real time demo account offered by brokers to test your skills ) when your ready you can trade Now consider this:

Money makes money!

We have all heard this saying and its true. Now if you trade financial markets (and the best is the forex markets) you get an advantage:

They will allow you to leverage your money. For example if you have $1000, they will let you leverage it at 100:1 thats 100 x 1,000 or $100,000 you can invest. This leverage can therefore work for or against you.

With leverage you need a system that cuts loses quickly and runs profits. Look at a graph of currencies and you will see that repetitive trends that last for months constantly occur your aim is to lock into them for profit and cut any losses quickly.

This is an odds game and similar to blackjack or poker.

Its no coincidence that many top forex traders were once blackjack or poker players. Why are they so good at it? Because they know that to win you have to bet only when the odds are in their favour and fold when their not.

Many of these blackjack players are not particularly intelligent or highly educated but they know that if they follow a simple system that is odds based they will win.

So how to I get started?

Start looking on the net, learn about the turtles and technical analysis and read up on how to trade the odds in forex markets. Get the book the Way Of The Turtle by Curtis Faith and also Market Wizards by Jack Shwager which outline the experiment in more detail.

Its up to you!

The turtle experiment provided that anyone can be a successful financial trader and its true anyone can.

All you need to do is learn the right knowledge and have the courage to apply it.

The opportunity to build wealth and make money fast is there for all you just have to decide if you want success enough to try forex trading and make it work for you.

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