Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Discover Forex Daytrading

A day trader is any trader who makes several trades per day, buying, selling, entering and closing out a trade in the same day. Forex daytrading is the same thing, only instead of trading stocks, forex traders buy and sell currencies.

Forex day trading is usually referred to as simply forex trading, but all day traders, whether they trade in stocks or currencies, attempt to increase their return by taking advantage of small price (stock) or rate (currencies) changes. Unlike buying stock in a company and waiting over the years as the company grows and the stock value increases, maybe even waiting on retirement to sell the stock or planning to leave it to children or even grandchildren, forex daytrading is not an investment that you make and then leave it alone to let it grow over time. It will not grow, exchange rates fluctuate too quickly.

Forex day trading requires an investment of time as well as money. Time must be taken to educate oneself in forex daytrading.

Until internet forex daytrading became so popular, only large financial institutions and corporations were involved in trading foreign currencies. Some people trade forex as a hobby and some make a career out of it. Forex daytrading professionals are intelligent well-educated people. They understand the trends and charts that make forecasting possible.

Forex day trading is similar to trading in the futures market, except that the liquidity is higher and the trading costs are lower. Also, because there is no central physical market, like the NYSE, forex daytrading can be carried out at all hours of the day and night. There is always a bank open somewhere in the world. In the world of forex day trading there are no exchange fees, no commissions paid to brokers, and low transaction fees. All of the fees and commissions reduced profitability for conventional traders in the futures market.

Sign on to any computer, go to any website search engine and type in forex daytrading, forex trading or simply forex. Most of those websites that come up offer platforms for trading. Some simply offer information. Others offer forex day trading education. This is where the forex trader lives, online, not on the floor of the NYSE. Forex daytrading can be risky or profitable, exciting or frustrating, but never, never boring.

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